We all know the saying, “When the door closes, God opens a window”, but sometimes it is hard to recognize which window has opened and we’re afraid to look out to see where the window leads. That’s where I am right now and I, personally, am in need of doing some serious branding to myself. I have been thrown several curve balls over the last few months and have had to really focus on who I am and what life I want to live. What I have learned is that I am an entrepreneur at heart so I need to create a path for myself. It’s so easy to wait for the yellow brick road and expect to be given a glimmer of light onto our path. But, the glimmer of light can simply be the hope that God gives us. The ability to get up everyday and know that you have purpose can be your light. Once you recognize and acknowledge that hope, then it is up to you to determine your path. Not criticize others for their path, not try to mimic others on their path, but have the courage to create your own trail. I recognize that this path may be short or may be long, but whichever it is, it is undoubtedly your personal journey. So, today, as I continue to brand Katina, I learn to have courage and confidently walk on the path that I will create. Not looking for acknowledgement from others, but finding joy as I create it.

Have fun branding you today!