Right now, I am in a state of stillness. Before I accepted that reality, I had to understand what that exactly meant. I believe that being in a state of stillness recognizes the humility of being human and acknowledging that I don’t have the control over all things as I would prefer, but I do have control over my thoughts and behaviors. In that reality, to achieve the desires of my heart, I do have to be in the moment. In my opinion, being in a state of stillness is being actively IN every second, every minute, every hour moment of my life and letting go of the preconception that I can control all of the details of life to make things go my way.  This is a life changing place for me. I have been taught to control and I am choosing to recognize I really don’t have the control that I believed I owned. So, being still is moving as I know how and as I believe I need to, but allowing myself to be guided, spiritually. In this moment, I have to surrender to that which is greater than me. Exhale and surrender to being still.

Quick Note: How does this affect what I do? I recognize that I cannot cause people to behave how I want them to behave. As A brand marketer, I can create perception, but I cannot make their decisions. I can only influence. Therefore, the more that I am aware of my self and my current stage, the better that I can make the choices that positively and appropriately  influence my target market and my client’s market.