…Because ultimately, that is why I am here. As I consider this question, the easy answer is I can help people brand themselves. If there is one thing I am passionate about (and now that I think about it, have been passionate about it ever since I was little) is how people present themselves to create the reality that they want. In my life, I have seen and even been the recipient of good and bad outcomes based on other people’s perceptions. One of the issues that I deal with regularly is the idea that I am not an expert in my professional field or really any field. I am constantly challenged and it isn’t until I speak a certain way and determine a solution for what seemed like a difficult problem or successfully manage a multi-level project that suddenly, I am a strong brand strategist or very creative brand marketer. Since this is a challenge for me to overcome, I can only imagine how many people are dealing with determining their own brand daily. Those who know me best know that I am very confident, even cocky sometimes. I am kind, but I am firm and I definitely have very strong opinions. This is my brand. This is who I am. I dress a certain way. I speak a certain way. I socialize a certain way. Quite frankly, there isn’t much spontaneity in my behavior, but I am like a piece of metal, quite malleable. This allows me to be a good friend, a good employer and employee, a good family member and a good girlfriend. Overall, a good person. I am aware of my personal brand, but it is my job everyday to convince others of that. When I walk into a room, am on a conference call, or am teaching a webinar, there is a particular perception that I expect people to have when they see and hear me.  Therefore, helping others create their “market’s” perception about them and their personal product is how I can best help people. How can you best help people? What perception will your brand create and what steps are you taking daily to create your brand?