In my last post, I wrote about determining your passions and your gifts. Today, I’ll discuss what happens when you figure out what your gift is. That’s where the hard work begins.  That’s where there is no more playing around with  “oh, I could” or “what if”.

I am beginning to recognize a key component of what I do in my profession of brand marketing. I have a keen way of seeing a person the way in which they would like to be perceived. I recognize where their heart is and I, then, am able to help them strategize how they are going to create that perception. So, I, today, say to you, now that you know what your gift is, what you do without thinking, what makes you the happiest when you are doing it even when it’s tough and tiring, what are you doing about it? Who knows about your gift? Are you taking the steps to allow your gift to thrive and make you successful? Are you really doing everything that you can do to do what makes you the happiest? Is your mind open? Are you accepting of change? This is all part of understanding who you want to BE. This is the part where the pavement hits the road. Are you ready?  Tell me, tell someone: Who do you want to BE and what are doing about it?