This week, I am going to focus on processes to further develop your personal brand using the techniques of corporate branding. One of the most important parts of brand development is understanding your purpose, your goal and how you affect others with your brand. So many of us get so focused on our own needs that we sometimes forget what it means to stay in our own lane.

As we all know, our actions can directly or indirectly affect others and we need to take that into consideration when we are determining our purpose and plan of action. As you look at your goals in life, consider how you want to affect others. What do you want others to perceive about you, in the long and short term? One of my own personal challenges is to balance my life experience with the need of my friend, associate or client. I don’t want people to think that I believe that I am expert in everything, so I have to consider what I say and how I do things to ensure that I encourage and inspire rather than tell and demand. That is my purpose: to inspire someone to realize their own strength and increase their courage to live their dream. It is so easy to think you are helping someone with your own knowledge, when really your own path is unsure. So, today, I challenge you to look at your relationships, personal and professional, and determine whether you are staying in your lane. Are you living up to your own expectations? Let this phrase become a guide to you as you live your life and develop your brand.