Is it difficult for you to take a day off? I would say one of the hardest things about being a business owner is the fact that there is always something to do. I read someone say recently that we always have just enough time to do everything we need to do each day. I wondered why I don’t ever feel that way. It seems my to-do list never gets any shorter. But, that is not good enough for me because I strive to have a solid work-life balance. So, when I decide to have a Saturday that doesn’t require that I am “on”, I realize that I struggle internally. It’s hard to turn the Blackberry and the laptop off. It’s hard not to read my emails that seem to require immediate answers. It’s difficult to ignore the task list that lives on my virtual whiteboard, nevertheless, I have to do it to maintain my own balance. If I don’t, then I will be unable to perform my work in a way that is best suited for my clients. I will not have the clarity needed to be creative, the energy to solve problems nor the acuity to understand the needs of those around me.All which are important to my personal and professional brand.

So, today, even if you can’t take the entire day off, at least take a moment. Do something that brings you back to center. That will make you better for those who need you and make you a strong leader for those who rely on you. Happy Saturday!