It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to sit down and write this blog. Let me fill you in on where I’ve been and how my life path seems to have been altered.

When I believe in something, I am very passionate about it. I am passionate about my personal relationships, about my work and about my social beliefs.  In 2011, I realized I needed to stand up for what I felt was the right direction for my country. I, without really thinking about it, applied  to become a Fellow for the Obama campaign and wouldn’t you know, I was chosen to be a Fellow in September 2011. This became my life for the next 15 months. I was asked to be a Field Organizer for President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign in Raleigh, Wake County, NC. During that time I was pushed harder than I ever have been in the past, asked to think in a way that was foreign to me and work with the most diverse group of people ever placed in front of me. Throughout this time, I often realized that I was being challenged to focus on who I was and what I believe in. What issues were important to me and how much influence I had on the future and what people believed in.

Sitting here now, I couldn’t be more proud of myself. With laser focus, I became the Field Organizer that I wanted to be. I understood my goals, developed strategy to meet them and built the right talent around me to develop a strong and successful team. Normally, I wouldn’t give myself so much credit – in fact, I am known for being pretty humble and I still am, but I also learned that part of my humility was actually fear. Fear of not wanting to seem too confident or too strong-willed. Those are not bad attributes, but as a woman, society makes us think they are bad characteristics for us. However, I know being a Field Organizer in Wake County was the right fit for me for the last year and a half because now, I am ready to accept who I am and what I can provide to my clients. I provide strength, strategic knowledge, an amazing amount of tenacity, and a will that will not accept no as a final answer. I also have grown in my understanding of how people should and want to be treated and how important relationships are, whether for five minutes or 20 years. This growth has helped me redefine the direction of Brand Event Marketing and how Brand Event develops, maintains and teaches how to build relationships at different levels.

So many of us are held from reaching our goals and acting out our dreams because we are afraid to push and say this is what I deserve. Well, no more for me and throughout this journey, I hope no more for you as well. Let’s take control of what we receive and no longer accept less than we deserve.

Many have asked what I will do next. I had to take some time to muddle through my foggy, unorganized thoughts to come up with the answer. What I will do next is what I do best. I will build and grow my strategic marketing company. I will teach companies the connection between doing what is right for their employees is in turn doing what is right for their external customers. I will use my ability to truly understand and solve a problem to maximize profits for my clients. This will all be done through the lens of doing the right thing. So, I’m interested, are you doing the right thing? As a decision maker, are you putting people first? As a person, are you demanding what you deserve, in a respectful, strategic way? If the answer is no, let me know and Brand Event Marketing will teach you how to make it right.