yet, not sure where to start. These last few weeks have been tough weeks. Have you ever felt like you have so much energy, but you’re not sure which way to direct the energy? That’s been me for the last few weeks. I can be such a deep thinker, but sometimes, I think about too much too deeply and I’m not sure where to go. This is where a to-do list and this blog come in handy. They both help me to get my thoughts organized and out of my head. Do you ever feel this way? This can be a hindrance to your performance at work and even, at home. So, I’d like us to remember that we all get a little flustered sometimes, even a little scared to act. But, ultimately, we have to follow our heart and know that we honor God (or whomever/whatever you believe in) and those who’ve come before us and created this path we continue to walk on when we don’t get bogged down in just thinking and we act on that which is so important at this moment. Times like this is when we need to be laser-focused and able to organize our positive thoughts and push away the negative. Here’s to a focused day!