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Make it hard to…

Make it hard to find the general by working like a soldier.

Regardless of your title, are you working like a general or a soldier today? Do you accept that role? Are you joyful in your work?


So focused…

yet, not sure where to start. These last few weeks have been tough weeks. Have you ever felt like you have so much energy, but you’re not sure which way to direct the energy? That’s been me for the last few weeks. I can be such a deep thinker, but sometimes, I think about too much too deeply and I’m not sure where to go. This is where a to-do list and this blog come in handy. They both help me to get my thoughts organized and out of my head. Do you ever feel this way? This can be a hindrance to your performance at work and even, at home. So, I’d like us to remember that we all get a little flustered sometimes, even a little scared to act. But, ultimately, we have to follow our heart and know that we honor God (or whomever/whatever you believe in) and those who’ve come before us and created this path we continue to walk on when we don’t get bogged down in just thinking and we act on that which is so important at this moment. Times like this is when we need to be laser-focused and able to organize our positive thoughts and push away the negative. Here’s to a focused day!

…Because ultimately, that is why I am here. As I consider this question, the easy answer is I can help people brand themselves. If there is one thing I am passionate about (and now that I think about it, have been passionate about it ever since I was little) is how people present themselves to create the reality that they want. In my life, I have seen and even been the recipient of good and bad outcomes based on other people’s perceptions. One of the issues that I deal with regularly is the idea that I am not an expert in my professional field or really any field. I am constantly challenged and it isn’t until I speak a certain way and determine a solution for what seemed like a difficult problem or successfully manage a multi-level project that suddenly, I am a strong brand strategist or very creative brand marketer. Since this is a challenge for me to overcome, I can only imagine how many people are dealing with determining their own brand daily. Those who know me best know that I am very confident, even cocky sometimes. I am kind, but I am firm and I definitely have very strong opinions. This is my brand. This is who I am. I dress a certain way. I speak a certain way. I socialize a certain way. Quite frankly, there isn’t much spontaneity in my behavior, but I am like a piece of metal, quite malleable. This allows me to be a good friend, a good employer and employee, a good family member and a good girlfriend. Overall, a good person. I am aware of my personal brand, but it is my job everyday to convince others of that. When I walk into a room, am on a conference call, or am teaching a webinar, there is a particular perception that I expect people to have when they see and hear me.  Therefore, helping others create their “market’s” perception about them and their personal product is how I can best help people. How can you best help people? What perception will your brand create and what steps are you taking daily to create your brand?

Being Still

Right now, I am in a state of stillness. Before I accepted that reality, I had to understand what that exactly meant. I believe that being in a state of stillness recognizes the humility of being human and acknowledging that I don’t have the control over all things as I would prefer, but I do have control over my thoughts and behaviors. In that reality, to achieve the desires of my heart, I do have to be in the moment. In my opinion, being in a state of stillness is being actively IN every second, every minute, every hour moment of my life and letting go of the preconception that I can control all of the details of life to make things go my way.  This is a life changing place for me. I have been taught to control and I am choosing to recognize I really don’t have the control that I believed I owned. So, being still is moving as I know how and as I believe I need to, but allowing myself to be guided, spiritually. In this moment, I have to surrender to that which is greater than me. Exhale and surrender to being still.

Quick Note: How does this affect what I do? I recognize that I cannot cause people to behave how I want them to behave. As A brand marketer, I can create perception, but I cannot make their decisions. I can only influence. Therefore, the more that I am aware of my self and my current stage, the better that I can make the choices that positively and appropriately  influence my target market and my client’s market.

A New Path

We all know the saying, “When the door closes, God opens a window”, but sometimes it is hard to recognize which window has opened and we’re afraid to look out to see where the window leads. That’s where I am right now and I, personally, am in need of doing some serious branding to myself. I have been thrown several curve balls over the last few months and have had to really focus on who I am and what life I want to live. What I have learned is that I am an entrepreneur at heart so I need to create a path for myself. It’s so easy to wait for the yellow brick road and expect to be given a glimmer of light onto our path. But, the glimmer of light can simply be the hope that God gives us. The ability to get up everyday and know that you have purpose can be your light. Once you recognize and acknowledge that hope, then it is up to you to determine your path. Not criticize others for their path, not try to mimic others on their path, but have the courage to create your own trail. I recognize that this path may be short or may be long, but whichever it is, it is undoubtedly your personal journey. So, today, as I continue to brand Katina, I learn to have courage and confidently walk on the path that I will create. Not looking for acknowledgement from others, but finding joy as I create it.

Have fun branding you today!

Where am I?

I had the best of intentions when I first decided to write this blog last year and then life happens. Projects occur, family and friends have needs and it’s easy to forget about what you need, which turns into neglecting yourself and not developing yourself into what you want to be. Well, here I am again, almost on the eve of my birthday and it’s time to restart this process. I determined, when I decided to begin writing this, that I was going to discuss how my day to day actions encouraged or halted my brand image. So, I am back on track. My birthday is in five days and I am so excited, but so very tired, as well. We are going away and I cannot wait, but let’s talk about today.

Today, I continued to work on a job that has taken me a great deal of energy to complete. I had to try hard to find my own motivation. I motivated myself by realizing that I have a purpose. Today was full of prayer and hope that all will be ok and that everything is as it should be. Today, only minor actions defined my personal brand. I worked hard and went the extra step to provide quality in a project, met with a client that needed a bit more attention than normal and answered questions as best I could. What does that say about my brand? Maybe that I’m resourceful, patient, and knowledgeable. What did your actions today say about your brand?

Back Home

After a week of traveling and visiting, I am back home. It feels nice to be back in a place that exudes calm and comfort. Here, I am able to truly be who I am naturally. Not trying to figure out how to act and what to say or how someone may interpret my actions. Here, I am free, but yet, am I really? I am never away from my thoughts and my thoughts are really what cause my actions. This is a key factor in determining how to be who we what to be. Realizing that our thoughts are tied to our actions and our actions translate into our personal brand is really the first step we need to take to develop our brand. So, as I begin to write this daily blog and consider how my daily actions create my brand, I first, start at home and work on my thoughts. What a task!

Hello world!

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