I had the best of intentions when I first decided to write this blog last year and then life happens. Projects occur, family and friends have needs and it’s easy to forget about what you need, which turns into neglecting yourself and not developing yourself into what you want to be. Well, here I am again, almost on the eve of my birthday and it’s time to restart this process. I determined, when I decided to begin writing this, that I was going to discuss how my day to day actions encouraged or halted my brand image. So, I am back on track. My birthday is in five days and I am so excited, but so very tired, as well. We are going away and I cannot wait, but let’s talk about today.

Today, I continued to work on a job that has taken me a great deal of energy to complete. I had to try hard to find my own motivation. I motivated myself by realizing that I have a purpose. Today was full of prayer and hope that all will be ok and that everything is as it should be. Today, only minor actions defined my personal brand. I worked hard and went the extra step to provide quality in a project, met with a client that needed a bit more attention than normal and answered questions as best I could. What does that say about my brand? Maybe that I’m resourceful, patient, and knowledgeable. What did your actions today say about your brand?